Monthly Archives: November 2001

Retirement Security Accounts – Focus Groups

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Retirement Security Accounts

Fact Sheet | November 13, 2001

The focus groups: EOI contracted with Evans-McDonough to conduct two focus groups on Washington Voluntary Accounts, EOI’s proposal for universal pension access for Washington workers. Participants in both groups were small business owners and managers in King County, one group representing businesses with 5 t

How Does I-773 Affect Washington Businesses?

Health Care

Fact Sheet | November 1, 2001

What Will I-773 Do? I-773 will lead to an additional $0.60 tax per pack of 20 cigarettes, generating $160 million in  fiscal year 2003, $159 million in fiscal year 2004, and more than $155 million in every fiscal year  thereafter. These revenues will fund 50,000 additional slots in the Basic Health Plan, full

Washington’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

Health Care

Fact Sheet | November 1, 2001

Washington’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Plan is the state’s first comprehensive effort to protect children from  tobacco and decrease the use of tobacco products. The plan is comprised of six key elements: community-based  programs, school-based programs, cessation, public awareness and education, youth a

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