Monthly Archives: January 2002

Marilyn Watkins: The importance of the Family Care Act

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Sick Days

Testimony | Marilyn Watkins | January 23, 2002

Testimony from Marilyn P. Watkins, Ph.D. For HB 2364, before the House Committee on Commerce and Labor I’m Marilyn Watkins, from the Economic Opportunity Institute. I’d like to thank the members of the committee for the opportunity to testify today in favor of House Bill 2364. Since this legislature adopted t

Key Elements of Retirement Security Accounts

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Retirement Security Accounts

Fact Sheet | January 1, 2002

The Pension Problem   Social Security provides a strong foundation of a guaranteed minimum income in retirement for workers, but a comfortable and secure retirement also requires savings built up over many years. Unfortunately: Only about half of workers have access to a retirement savings plan at work. Less

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