Monthly Archives: April 2002

Social Security Is One of the Best Friends American Women Have

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Issue Brief | April 28, 2002

Jennifer Dunn and Dorcas Hardy got one thing right in their opinion piece on Social Security (, Opinion, April 17, 2002). The system could be improved to work even better for American women. However, the radical restructuring that Dunn and Hardy suggest would slash guaranteed benefits and cost ov

Community Jobs Program Moves People from Welfare to a Career Track

Community Jobs

Report | Erin Burchfield | April 1, 2002

Community Jobs (CJ) is the nation’s oldest and largest transitional jobs program providing paid work experience, training, education, and support services for welfare recipients who have not had success in finding or keeping a job. Based on wage data, the Economic Opportunity Institute assessed employment, jo

Recognizing and Rewarding the Importance of the Early Childhood Education Teacher

Early Learning Educational Opportunity

Report | Dorothy Gibson, Dorothy Gibson | April 1, 2002

Our Children’s Teachers The most essential component for quality early childhood education is the commitment, quality, and continuity of the teacher/caregiver. We know that quality child care and early education are essential for the intellectual and social development of children. But, instead of receiving r

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