Monthly Archives: June 2002

Health Insurance for Laid Off Workers in WA State

Health Care

Issue Brief | Rebecca Kavoussi | June 21, 2002

Problem: The existing options to help laid-off workers in Washington keep their health insurance are  inadequate, and leave most working families vulnerable to slipping into poverty. Workers’ loss  of health coverage will also exacerbate the state’s current economic downturn by dampening  consumer confidence,

A Proposal to Create Universal Access to Retirement Security

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Retirement Security Accounts

Report | Steve Idemoto | June 1, 2002

As the baby boomers reach retirement age and life spans lengthen, the issue of retirement security is gaining increasing prominence. Social Security has been the subject of innumerable talk show segments, political debates, and newspaper editorials.  Corporate scandals involving previously high-flying compani

Washington State Early Learning Childhood Education Career and Wage Ladder Pilot Project

Early Learning Educational Opportunity

Report | Jen Brown | June 1, 2002

Researchers at Washington State University conducted an independent evaluation of the first year of the Washington State Early Childhood Education Career and Wage Ladder Pilot Program. The evaluation, which compared ladder centers with a control group, verified that the career and wage ladder works to improve

The Link Between Early Childhood Education And Health

Early Learning Educational Opportunity Health Care

Fact Sheet | June 1, 2002

Early Experiences Are Important Determinants of Adult Health Status A child’s early experiences are lifelong determinants of health and well-being. Studies in neurobiology, neurodevelopment, and early intervention show that the years birth to school age are critically important for brain  development. During

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