Monthly Archives: August 2002

Initiative 791: A Proposal That Undermines the Ability of Government to Serve the People

An Inclusive Economy

Issue Brief | Len McComb | August 1, 2002

Initiative 791 (I-791) would limit nearly all state spending based on a formula that accounts only for general population growth and inflation. This “one size fits all” approach would severely restrict the ability of the state to respond to the needs and demands of Washington citizens by disregarding demograp

A Concise History of Washington’s Tax Structure

An Inclusive Economy

Report | Jason Smith | August 1, 2002

Key Findings Since 1935, the retail sales tax, business and occupation tax, and property tax have been the major sources of Washington state revenues. Since 1935, legislators have raised the retail sales tax rate eight times. Meanwhile, citizen initiatives have limited property and other taxes. Due to the abs

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