Monthly Archives: September 2002

Washington State Schools Kindergarten Survey 2001

A Fair Deal at Work Early Learning Educational Opportunity K-12 Education

Report | John Burbank | September 2, 2002

More than 20 years of research validate the critically important role that high-quality early learning has on a child’s school readiness, academic achievement, and lifelong earnings while decreasing juvenile and adult crime. Aware of this research, parents, teachers, educators, administrators, and school boar

Extending the Retail Sales Tax to Services in Washington State

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Issue Brief | September 1, 2002

The state retail sales tax applies to purchases of materials and property and to some services, including construction services, property rental, landscaping, and dating services. Many services are exempt, including professional services such as accounting and engineering; business services such as janitorial

Intangible Wealth Tax

An Inclusive Economy

Issue Brief | September 1, 2002

Washington state’s heavy reliance on sales tax and real property tax to fund essential state services made sense 70 years ago, but many people believe that it is time to modernize our tax  structure to reflect the new realities of today’s economy. Currently, Washington does not levy a tax on intangible wealth

An Income Tax for Washington State?

An Inclusive Economy Ending Corporate Tax Breaks

Issue Brief | Jason Smith | September 1, 2002

Seven states, including Washington, do not levy an income tax. Instead, the state relies on three highly regressive taxes, the property tax, business and occupation tax and sales tax. This discussion brief outlines various options for an income tax as well as outlining the issues surrounding this controversia

Washington’s Estate Tax

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Issue Brief | September 1, 2002

Congress voted in June 2001 to phase out the federal estate tax over the next decade. At the state level, opponents of the estate tax are pressing Washington’s legislators to pursue a similar phase-out of the state estate tax. Opponents claim that estate taxes devastate family farms and small businesses. Fede

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