Monthly Archives: October 2002

Building Winnable Strategies for Paid Family Leave in the States

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Family and Medical Leave

Report | October 1, 2002

Major progress towards paid family leave in the United States was achieved in 2002. In September, California became the first state in the country to adopt a comprehensive paid family leave policy. Beginning in July of 2004, workers in California will be able to take up to 6 weeks off work and receive about 5

The Link Between Early Learning And Care And School Readiness

Early Learning Educational Opportunity

Fact Sheet | Jen Brown | October 1, 2002

Quality child care and early education experiences are essential to help young children enter school ready to succeed. Children who participate in high quality early childhood education programs learn better and are more successful in school. Studies in neurobiology, neurodevelopment, and early intervention s

The Washington State Budget and the Washington Economy

An Inclusive Economy

Issue Brief | October 1, 2002

With unemployment continuing high and large projected state budget shortfalls, lawmakers in Olympia are facing tough decisions among competing needs and interests. The following basic principles can help guide those decisions in ways that help stimulate – or at least avoid further harming – our state economy.

Family Leave Insurance Activity Across the United States

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Family and Medical Leave

Report | October 1, 2002

A survey of family leave insurance activity around the country.                  

From Welfare Check to Paycheck

Community Jobs

Report | Erin Burchfield, Sarah Yatsko | October 1, 2002

Transitional jobs programs are wage-based work and skill development programs designed to promote employment among those who have little or no work experience. In this model, participants work at short-term, publicly subsidized jobs that combine real work, skill development, and support services to help them

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