Monthly Archives: November 2002

The Washington State Tax Structure Study 2002

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Report | November 30, 2002

The Washington State Legislature passed legislation in 2001 requiring an examination of Washington’s current tax system and development of tax alternatives (including the elasticity, equity, and adequacy of the state’s tax system) and development of multiple alternatives. Committee findings and the alternativ

What’s Good for Washington – Fair Prescription Drug Pricing and the Biotechnology Industry

Health Care

Issue Brief | Rebecca Kavoussi | November 1, 2002

The rising cost of prescription drugs is consuming an ever-larger portion of limited funds for basic health  care and other important services in Washington state. At the same time, there are almost one million  Washingtonians who go without any prescription drug coverage, including the uninsured and the elde

Controlling Costs and Increasing Access to Prescription Drugs: State and Federal Solutions

Health Care

Report | Michael Sullivan, Rebecca Kavoussi | November 1, 2002

Spending on health care in the United States continues to increase rapidly, consuming a greater share of the  total economy each year. Over the past decade, prescription drug spending has been the fastest growing  component of health care expenditures both nationwide and in Washington state. The federal gover

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