Monthly Archives: February 2003

Washington’s Estate Tax and the 2003 Legislature

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Fact Sheet | February 10, 2003

SB 5186 / HB1401 and SB 5418 have been introduced in the 2003 legislature. These bills would phase out Washington’s estate tax by 2005. Washington state has the most regressive tax structure in the country, with low and middle income residents paying a much higher percentage of their income in state and local

Washington State Minimum Wage Fact Sheet

A Fair Deal at Work Minimum Wage

Fact Sheet | February 1, 2003

Who makes the minimum wage? Aren’t most minimum wage workers teenagers and part time workers? According to 2002 Census Bureau data 75% of workers affected by the minimum wage in  Washington are over age 20. Nearly 60% of workers are female, and nearly half work full  time. Using national data, a 2001 study by

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