Monthly Archives: March 2003

Tax Incentives: Review or Remove

An Inclusive Economy

Issue Brief | March 1, 2003

Washington state’s tax code allows for over 430 tax preferences which provided $46 billion dollars in savings for various taxpayers during the 1999-01 fiscal biennium. For the most part, tax preferences in Washington are not subject to a comprehensive review process that assesses their effectiveness. Seven ta

Social Security Trustees Report 2002 – An Analysis

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Report | Marilyn Watkins, Marilyn Watkins | March 1, 2003

Social Security remains a successful and solidly financed social insurance program for working and retired families. While efforts continue to undermine Social Security by questioning the solvency of the program: The 2002 Trustees Report confirms that Social Security is fiscally sound and solvent decades into

After Enron: Pension Reform Proposals

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Fact Sheet | March 1, 2003

Twenty thousand Enron employees lost approximately $1 billion in pension assets during the company’s recent collapse. Factors contributing to large employee losses included: Lack of diversification – Employees had 63 percent of their 401(k) assets invested in Enron stock. Restrictive corporate rules – Company

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