Monthly Archives: January 2004

Still Working Well: Washington’s Minimum Wage and the Beginnings of Economic Recovery

A Fair Deal at Work Minimum Wage

Report | January 21, 2004

In 1998, Washington voters overwhelmingly approved an initiative to increase the minimum  wage and to make annual cost of living increases automatic beginning in 2001. While the  lowest wage earners in much of the rest of the nation have suffered a steady erosion of income,  with no increase since 1997, low w

Focus on Early Learning: Lessons from the French école maternelles

Early Learning Educational Opportunity

Report | Marilyn Watkins, Marilyn Watkins | January 15, 2004

The French-American Foundation and the Economic Opportunity Institute believe that the most successful elements of France’s century-old preschool system of école maternelle offer interesting lessons and insights for Washington. France’s école maternelle program is an internationally renowned system of free, u

The Case for Minimum Paid Leave for American Workers

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Sick Days

Report | Marilyn Watkins | January 2, 2004

Most middle-class Americans take for granted having a few weeks of vacation and sick leave each year. The majority of American workers do get some paid time off. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three-fourths of employees receive paid vacation, and half have paid sick leave. However, these statist

Is Family Leave Good for Business?

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Family and Medical Leave

Fact Sheet | January 1, 2004

“When I could help [my co-workers] deal with the challenges that they faced in their lives, not only did I feel good, the business prospered. Productivity was up, turnover was lower, and our customers had a more positive experience,” -Paul Orfalea, Kinko’s founder and Chairperson Emeritus The research says fa

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