Monthly Archives: September 2004

Washington State Schools Kindergarten Survey 2004

Early Learning Educational Opportunity K-12 Education

Report | John Burbank, Erin Speck | September 2, 2004

More than 20 years of research validate the critically important role that high-quality early learning has on a child’s school readiness, academic achievement, and lifelong earnings while decreasing juvenile and adult crime. Aware of this research, parents, teachers, educators, administrators, and school boar

Beyond the Mandate: An Analysis of a Survey of School District Early Learning Programs in Washington State

Early Learning Educational Opportunity

Report | Erin Speck | September 1, 2004

Early learning programs, such as pre-kindergarten and extended-day or full-day kindergarten, are increasingly considered critical components in preparing children for academic success. Armed with consistent research linking high-quality early learning to a child’s success, school districts around the state ha

An Incremental Approach to Improve Washington State’s Tax System: A Proposal for a Tax on High-Income Households

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Report | Mark Gardner | September 1, 2004

Washington state’s tax system is antiquated and unsuited for the 21st century economy. The state’s heavy reliance on sales taxes gives Washington the most regressive tax system in the  nation. The current array of taxes also does not produce revenues that grow along with the economy. As one result, Washington

Financial Insecurity Lingers for Washington Families

An Inclusive Economy

Issue Brief | Marilyn Watkins | September 1, 2004

After three dismal years of job loss, employment numbers in Washington are turning up. But recession, loss of high-paying jobs, and the slow recovery have taken a big toll on working families in Washington state and across the nation. The working age population of the state has grown by 280,000 over the past

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