Monthly Archives: October 2005

The State of Working Washington 2005

An Inclusive Economy

Report | Marilyn Watkins, Marilyn Watkins, Marilyn Watkins | October 1, 2005

After a lingering recession, jobs are increasing again throughout Washington. New jobs are opening across almost all sectors. The typical Washington worker continues to earn more than workers in most other states. Many Washington residents are doing very well. Nevertheless, economic insecurity and hardship ha

Washington’s Health Plan: Fulfilling Its Mission or Creating Barriers for Working Families?

Health Care

Report | John Burbank, John Burbank | October 1, 2005

The Washington State Basic Health Plan (BHP) began in 1987 as a pilot project to provide health insurance for low-income and lower middle-class workers who do not receive health coverage through their employer. The BHP is intended to provide a no-frills package of health care benefits to Washington residents

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