Monthly Archives: September 2006

Small Business Owner and Manager Support for Retirement Security Accounts

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Retirement Security Accounts

Issue Brief | September 1, 2006

During the summer of 2006 EOI conducted a series of 24 interviews with small business owners and  managers in diverse communities in Washington State to better understand their views on  Washington Voluntary Accounts (WVAs). Businesses ranged from a single owner operated teashop  to a 170+ employee research i

The Environment, the Economy, and Energy

An Inclusive Economy Funding Public Services Progressive Tax Reform

Issue Brief | John Burbank | September 1, 2006

As a nation, we are consuming our nation’s resources and the world’s resources at an unsustainable rate. Our reliance on and promotion of a petroleum-based economy threatens our environment and our way of life.  Our dependence on foreign oil has almost tripled in volume in the past 35 years, with imports grow

Washington’s Estate Tax

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Report | Marilyn Watkins | September 1, 2006

Washington has had an inheritance or estate tax since 1901. From 1982 to 2001, Washington’s estate tax was fully deductible from the amount owed in federal estate taxes. In 2001, Congress voted to lower the federal tax and phase out the state estate tax credit. In 2005, Washington adopted a new estate tax law

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