Monthly Archives: October 2006

Straight Facts on I-933

An Inclusive Economy

Fact Sheet | October 1, 2006

Initiative 933 enables corporations and individuals to demand payment from the public to abide by land use and zoning regulations. If state or local governments are unable or unwilling to make these payments, then Initiative 933 allows the grievants to violate land use and zoning regulations. Waivers or compe

Initiative 933: A Disaster in the Making

An Inclusive Economy

Report | John Burbank | October 1, 2006

Our legal system protects private property rights through the state constitution, state statutes, law enforcement, and the courts. The legal system also helps ensure the value of property through environmental laws and land use and zoning regulations. Initiative 933 undermines these foundations for property o

The State of Working Washington 2006

A Fair Deal at Work Equal Pay

Report | Marilyn Watkins, Cara Saunto, Inga Senftleben | October 1, 2006

Washington state experienced strong job growth in 2005 and 2006, but the benefits of the booming economy have been unequally distributed. Because the job market has been so slack for so long, the typical family income has not kept up with inflation. Men from their mid- 20s to their mid-40s in particular are e

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