Monthly Archives: April 2008

Paid Family Leave in New Jersey

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Family and Medical Leave

Fact Sheet | April 30, 2008

New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance (FLI) program will expand the state’s existing Temporary Disability Insurance program to provide workers with 2/3rds of their normal salary (capped at $524 in 2008) to care for a seriously ill child/spouse/parent or to bond with a newborn or newly adopted child. Starting Ja

Fairer Taxes for Washington: Taxing high incomes to reduce regressive taxes and improve public services

An Inclusive Economy

Report | Marilyn Watkins | April 21, 2008

Washington State’s seventy year-old tax structure is built on an ever-shrinking  base, and taxes fall most heavily on those least able to afford them. This discussion brief outlines options for a limited tax on the highest income households, coupled with a reduction in sales or property tax. The result would

Everybody Else Gets One: An analysis of tax breaks in Washington

An Inclusive Economy Ending Corporate Tax Breaks Progressive Tax Reform

Report | Marilyn Watkins | April 21, 2008

Washington had 567 tax exemptions on the books at the end of 2007. These tax breaks added up to $15 billion in lost state and local revenue that could improve education, health, the environment, transportation, or other public services.  Providing piecemeal tax breaks is a poor economic development strategy a

Family Leave Insurance: April 2008 Update

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Family and Medical Leave

Fact Sheet | April 7, 2008

In April 2008, the legislature and Governor Gregoire affirmed key recommendations of the taskforce by: Including $6.2 million in the supplemental budget for program start-up costs through June 2009. Assigning the Employment Security Department to administer the program. Directing ESD to implement efficiencies

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