Monthly Archives: February 2009

Respecting Early Learning: Giving Early Childhood Education Directors and Teachers a Voice

Early Learning Educational Opportunity

Issue Brief | Hannah Lidman, John Burbank | February 24, 2009

Early learning is the basis for our children’s success in school, in work, and life. High-quality early learning relies on the most critical factors in teacher-child interaction: the teacher’s own professionalism, education, compensation, and morale. But the market for child care is fundamentally broken in Wa

Washington Voluntary Accounts: Universal Access to Retirement Security

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Retirement Security Accounts

Report | February 15, 2009

The Pension Problem • Half of all workers have no employer-sponsored retirement plan • Complexity and cost prevent many workers and small companies from starting plans • We’re living longer, yet retirement wealth has fallen for the majority of workers during the past two decades – even before the drop in the

Recession Reaches Washington: A State Response

An Inclusive Economy

Report | Marilyn Watkins | February 12, 2009

During the first half of 2008 Washington’s economy slowed but looked relatively healthy compared to the rest of the United States. In September, as job losses accelerated nationally, Washington, too, began shedding jobs. By December 2008, Washington had 54,800 fewer jobs than twelve months earlier. Announceme

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