Monthly Archives: March 2009

Washington’s Working Women: Not equal yet

A Fair Deal at Work Equal Pay

Report | Marilyn Watkins, Marilyn Watkins | March 30, 2009

Women’s earnings are essential to economic security for the majority of families in Washington State. Women comprise about half of the state’s workforce. As job losses mount in the second year of the national recession, women’s support of family incomes is more important than ever. However, women continue to

Paving the Pathways to Quality

An Inclusive Economy Early Learning Educational Opportunity Funding Public Services

Report | Hannah Lidman, Cameron Clark, Chloe Diamond | March 17, 2009

Over the last several decades, a large body of rigorous research on early childhood education has repeatedly shown what many in the field already know: teachers are the most central figures in the quality of care. This overarching finding is based on the results of numerous studies examining the differences b

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