Monthly Archives: February 2010

Washington’s Estate Tax: Revenue for Higher Education and Early Learning

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Issue Brief | John Burbank, John Burbank | February 24, 2010

Washington has had an inheritance or estate tax since 1901. The United States has had an estate tax in place since 1916. Initiative 920, which would have repealed Washington’s estate tax in November 2006, was resoundingly defeated by the people, 62% to 38%. Our estate tax raises over $100 million annually, on

Exemptions to Ax – Sins to Tax: Revenues to Rebuild Our Economic Future

An Inclusive Economy

Fact Sheet | February 20, 2010

These fact sheets summarize a budget solution that closes Washington’s $2.8 billion shortfall this year — and provides long-term budget stability in future years. By closing tax exemptions that no longer serve a compelling public purpose and carefully choosing new sources of revenue, lawmakers can stabilize

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