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Initiative 1098: How will Washington’s effective income tax rates stack up?

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Fact Sheet | August 30, 2010

Short Answer: The top 1%of taxpayers in Washington will have an average effective tax rate of 4%. That puts Washington’s ranking for this group of wealthy taxpayers at 27th out of the 44 states (including Washington, D.C.)that tax income.1 (See reverse)  Households with income below$200,000 will not be affect

Social Security Works

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Report | Marilyn Watkins | August 24, 2010

For 75 years, Social Security has provided a foundation of economic security for American workers, retirees, and their families. It represents the best of American values, rewarding hard work, looking out for family and community, and honoring the contributions retirees have made to our current prosperity. So

Initiative 1098: The Right Tax Reform for Stronger Schools and Health Care

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Fact Sheet | August 16, 2010

Why Washington needs tax reform: Washington’s tax system is upside down. Middle-class and low-income residents pay too much in tax, and the wealthiest pay far less than in other states. Small businesses pay a much larger share of their revenues in state taxes than do the largest businesses. Public revenues ar

Initiative 1098: The Right Fix for Washington’s Flawed Tax Structure

An Inclusive Economy

Report | Marilyn Watkins | August 15, 2010

Initiative 1098 will reduce taxes for most Washington households by cutting property taxes and exempting small businesses from the business and occupation tax. I-1098 will also raise new revenue dedicated to education, health and long-term care by adding a modest tax on the wealthiest 1.2% – the group that is

Straight Facts on Social Security

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Fact Sheet | August 6, 2010

Social Security is the bedrock of economic security for millions of children, as well as working and retired Americans.  Social Security provided $675 billion in benefits to 53 million people in 2009, including over 1 million in Washington state. 3.2 million children through age 19 are direct Social Security

2010 Social Security Trustees’ Report Key Facts

A Fair Deal at Work An Inclusive Economy Social Security

Fact Sheet | August 5, 2010

  Social Security provided benefits to 53 million Americans in 2009: 68% of them retirees and their dependents, 19% disabled workers and family members, and 11% survivors of deceased workers. Social Security’s income from payroll taxes, interest on the Trust Fund and taxes on benefits exceeded benefit and adm

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