Monthly Archives: January 2011

Marilyn Watkins: Training wage is bad policy

A Fair Deal at Work Minimum Wage

Testimony | Marilyn Watkins | January 21, 2011

Good morning. I am Marilyn Watkins of the Economic Opportunity Institute. Thank you for allowing me to testify this morning against H.B. 1258 and the institution of a training wage below Washington’s minimum wage. Allowing a sub‐minimum wage during the first 680 hours of employment could potentially impact a

Setting Priorities in Washington: Raising revenue to invest in our future

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Fact Sheet | January 14, 2011

Continued state budget cuts are dragging down Washington’s economy, undermining opportunity for our children, and threatening the health of our most vulnerable citizens. We can choose a better path that builds a stronger future for our state. Over the past three years, Washington’s budget has been slashed by

Restoring America’s Middle Class Starts with Keeping Social Security’s Promise

A Fair Deal at Work Social Security

Issue Brief | Marilyn Watkins | January 1, 2011

Social Security is one of the great achievements of American democracy. It provides stable income to fully one quarter of American households – in good economic times and bad. For most seniors, Social Security is the biggest source of income. Millions of children and younger adults who are no longer able to w

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