Monthly Archives: October 2011

Revenues to Rebuild Washington’s Economy

An Inclusive Economy Progressive Tax Reform

Fact Sheet | October 21, 2011

Washington lawmakers have slashed billions of dollars from the state operating budget since 2008, crippling individuals, schools, and communities in every part of the state. Meanwhile, tax breaks for the wealthiest people and corporations undercut investments in the education system and infrastructure needed

Video: Just Scrap The Cap

A Fair Deal at Work An Inclusive Economy Retirement Security Social Security

Video | October 18, 2011

With every paycheck, we contribute to Social Security. So do our employers. That’s how the program is funded. Then when we reach retirement age, incur a disability, or if a breadwinner dies, we are protected by modest but dependable monthly benefits. Maids, mechanics and millionaires – nearly all of us are co

A Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Washington

An Inclusive Economy

Report | Marilyn Watkins | October 1, 2011

State and local government budget cuts and layoffs, combined with the sharp  falloff of federal investment, are slowing down the tenuous beginnings of  economic recovery and threatening to derail it altogether. Since 2009, Washington policymakers have slashed billions of dollars from the state budget, harming

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