Monthly Archives: May 2012

Keeping Social Security Strong

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Issue Brief | Marilyn Watkins | May 15, 2012

Social Security is one of the great achievements of American democracy. It represents the best of our values – honoring our parents, respecting hard work, and supporting families. Social Security provides stable income to 56 million people in one in four American households – in both good economic times and b

Evaluating Family and Medical Leave Insurance for Washington State

A Fair Deal at Work Paid Family and Medical Leave

Report | Marilyn Watkins | May 11, 2012

There are a handful of times during one’s career when it will be necessary to take significant time away from work for health or family needs: to welcome a new child, recover from surgery, care for a spouse with cancer, or tend to aging parents. Paid family and medical leave not only enables workers to take t

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