Voter’s Guide to the Washington State Budget

An Inclusive Economy Ending Corporate Tax Breaks Funding Public Services Progressive Tax Reform

Issue Brief | Aaron Keating | July 20, 2018

We all want to live in a prosperous state with thriving communities. Washingtonians consistently identify the same set of public priorities for state leaders: excellent schools, well-maintained infrastructure, protecting the vulnerable, quality health care, responsive police, and stewardship of the state’s na

Delivering on the promise of Social Security: America’s pension plan

A Fair Deal at Work Retirement Security Social Security

Fact Sheet | Aaron Keating | November 3, 2017

Social Security is crucial to Washingtonians’ economic security and our state’s economy Nearly 1.3 million Washington residents receive Social Security benefits, representing 18% of the state’s population, who in turn provide income for 30% of the state’s households.[1] Seventy-five percent of benefit recipie

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