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Social Security: The Swiss Army Knife of American public policy

social security

Aaron Keating | November 3, 2017

The next time you hear a Very Serious Person’s pronouncement about Social Security’s supposedly impending doom, remember: an individual’s interest in seeing Social Security thrive is usually a) inversely proportional to their wealth but b) directly proportional to their empathy for others. How else to explain

Seattle’s Encouraging Move Towards Universal Retirement Coverage


John Burbank | October 2, 2017

Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess has announced his intention to implement a retirement savings plan for private sector employees whose employers do not provide any kind of retirement savings vehicles. In the Seattle metro region, that’s about a third of all workers. While Mayor Burgess’ proposal is far from righting

Social Security report shows healthy system in need of fine-tuning


Matthew Caruchet | July 17, 2017

Last week, the Social Security Trustees published their 269-page annual report on the health of the Social Security Trust Funds, which hold the assets that will help fund future retirement benefits for Social Security recipients. In sum, the future of Social Security is bright, as long as some adjustments are

Yes, it’s the Monday before the election and Robert Samuelson wants us to cut Social Security

Credit: 401(K) 2012/Flickr Creative Commons

Economic Opportunity Institute | November 7, 2016

Yep, he tells us the real national embarrassment is not having a racist, sexist, xenophobic candidate as a major party presidential nominee. It’s not our failure to address global warming so our kids might face a ruined planet. No, Robert Samuelson tells us our real national embarrassment is that we have an a

The Truth About Social Security’s Solvency and You

social security

Economic Opportunity Institute | June 24, 2016

What’s ahead, what the candidates say, and a forecast for Medicare [By Chris Farrell via Next Avenue] Social Security’s recently released 2016 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees on the system’s financial condition is 272 pages long and a doorstop. The report is dense, full of detailed tables and conservat

Three issues where your vote will make a big difference this fall


Marilyn Watkins | March 7, 2016

The gender wage gap has multiple causes and manifestations, and no single policy change will solve it. We also are not going to overcome it by waiting for “cultural change” or simply encouraging employers to adopt more women- and family-friendly policies. Just as women didn’t get the right to vote or particip

Gender Pay Gap Contributes to Economic Insecurity for Older Women

Credit: .aditya | Flickr Creative Commons

Marilyn Watkins | March 4, 2016

The inequalities of gender, race and income that plague U.S. society directly impact the lives of King County’s older residents. Income in retirement is based on earlier earnings, and so reflects inequities in educational and employment opportunity. A lifetime of stress and economic insecurity can result in p

Senate bills look to fairly adjust Social Security for seniors

social security

John Burbank | November 5, 2015

The 121,000 people who receive Social Security benefits in Snohomish County will be getting a rude non-surprise on Jan. 1. That’s because they will not see any COLA increase in their Social Security checks. Why not? The COLA, the annual cost-of-living adjustment, accounts for inflation through the consumer pr

VIDEO: (Don’t Wanna) Work ‘Til We Die


Economic Opportunity Institute | October 2, 2015

Here’s our latest Social Security music video, “Work ‘Till We Die” — it’s got a country/honky-tonk feel, and a catchy little chorus you’ll be humming later. Be sure to sign this letter telling the President and Congress to expand Social Security and “scrap the cap” so everyone pays the same tax rate for the

Social Security: Not Just for Seniors in Washington

social security

Economic Opportunity Institute | August 7, 2015

[Via Public News Service] The 80th birthday of Social Security is next week, and every 2016 presidential candidate has ideas for changing the system – whether that means strengthening it or scrapping it. It’s expected to be among the topics of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ remarks this weekend in Seatt

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