Trump’s ACA Sabatoge May Actually Make Your Health Care Cheaper – 3 Weeks Left to Enroll!

Image: TaxCredits (Flickr Creative Commons)

Carolanne Sanders | November 22, 2017

We’re officially halfway through the Affordable Care Act’s 2017 open enrollment period. If this news comes as a surprise to you, you should know—that was the point. In August, the Trump administration announced plans to shorten this year’s enrollment period from 3 months to 6 weeks and slash its outreach and

Winter Has Come to Seattle, But We Can Fight It

A Pygmy fights a crane, Attic red-figure chous, 430–420 BC, National Archaeological Museum of Spain.

Matthew Caruchet | November 10, 2017

In old mythology, during the reign of Zeus and Hera, there lived a large tribe of tiny people called the Pygmies. Only two and a half feet tall, they were industrious craftspeople, creating the finest silver, cotton and silk wares in the ancient world. But every winter, flocks of cranes would darken the sky.

Social Security: The Swiss Army Knife of American public policy

social security

Aaron Keating | November 3, 2017

The next time you hear a Very Serious Person’s pronouncement about Social Security’s supposedly impending doom, remember: an individual’s interest in seeing Social Security thrive is usually a) inversely proportional to their wealth but b) directly proportional to their empathy for others. How else to explain

First Court Hearing on Seattle Income Tax


Economic Opportunity Institute | October 21, 2017

The King County Superior Court will hear arguments about Seattle’s income tax. Please join us at the courthouse for a rally. Together we will get the latest news and take the next step forward in our movement for tax equity! We know we have a long legal pathway ahead of us. The court may rule against the inco

Sexual Assault and Lower Pay: Two Tools to Keep Women in Their Place


Marilyn Watkins | October 20, 2017

My first response to the sea of “me toos” on Facebook over the past few days was to wonder how anyone out there could possibly not already know that women and teenage girls are routinely subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault in our culture. But maybe too many of us have silently accepted it for to

Seattle to Consider Public Bank Study


Economic Opportunity Institute | October 20, 2017

Yesterday, Councilmembers Kirsten Harris-Talley and Mike O’Brien joined Kshama Sawant in pushing for a feasibility study for a Seattle public bank to be included in next week’s budget deliberations. The Economic Opportunity Institute helped write the language in the statement of legislative intent that Sawant

What If WA Leveraged Our Aerospace Advantages?


John Burbank | October 18, 2017

Boeing woke up to a rude surprise on Tuesday. The Chicago-based corporation thought they had gotten the Trump Administration to stymie their competition from Quebec-based airplane manufacturer Bombardier through a monumental 300 percent tariff. But instead, the French Canadians tossed the ball to Toulose, Fra

Interactive Graph: Washington’s Continued Racial Inequities

Dashboard 1

Economic Opportunity Institute | October 17, 2017

Sixty-eight years ago, Washington State passed the Law Against Discrimination, deciding that “discrimination against any of its inhabitants because of race, creed, color or national origin are a matter of state concern, that such discrimination threatens not only the rights and proper privileges of its inhabi

Thank you for making Seeds of Change a success!

Photo credit: Garet Munger and Bill Dow

Sam Hatzenbeler | October 13, 2017

To all who attended, thank you so much for supporting Seeds of Change, EOI’s annual dinner! Over four hundred of us packed the room last night to plant seeds for equity. WOW! You are helping us make progressive change that will be felt for generations to come. Special thanks to our brilliant emcee, Makini How

Seattle’s Encouraging Move Towards Universal Retirement Coverage


John Burbank | October 2, 2017

Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess has announced his intention to implement a retirement savings plan for private sector employees whose employers do not provide any kind of retirement savings vehicles. In the Seattle metro region, that’s about a third of all workers. While Mayor Burgess’ proposal is far from righting

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