$12.5 million for elective cosmetic surgery or prescriptions for thousands of seniors?

From LivingGreedy.com:


Buy 9 Botox injections and get the 10th free, courtesy of the taxpayers of Washington! With a sales tax credit this generous, we expect to see a parade of plastic Hollywood stars moving north any time. Trade in this $12.5 million tax giveaway to save prescription drugs for low-income seniors!

Legislators are considering eliminating assistance for low-income seniors and adults to pay their Medicare Part D co-pay. This assistance helps thousands of people afford the prescription drugs that are essential to their health and quality of life. Care has been taken to make sure that surgeries related to gender transitions are not considered cosmetic.

If you agree, click here to ‘Trade In’ the fertilizer tax break for in-home case for thousands of Washington seniors.

Learn more: Trade-In the Sales Tax Giveaway for Elective Cosmetic Surgery and save Medicare Assistance »

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  1. Winslow P. Kelpfroth says:

    Again, you’re using the false choice technique when you don’t need to. Special interest tax breaks are wrong in themselves; there’s no need to resort to this rhetorical gimmick

    • While tax loopholes have many downsides, the fact that they tend to elbow out other policy choices that could improve our quality of life cost is chief among them. Allowing wasteful tax loopholes to stay in place is a choice, as is cutting prescription drug coverage for senior citizens. If legislators were to vote to end the tax loophole for elective cosmetic surgery, revenue would be available to continue funding medication for the elderly of the state. It’s as simple as that.

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