$80 million for non-organic fertilizer or in-home care for thousands of seniors?

From LivingGreedy.com:


$80 million? You’d think multi-national chemical companies were struggling to compete with gardeners making organic compost in their back yard. It’s almost enough to make us shed a nitrogen-laced tear for their Wall Street shareholders. Almost. End this tax giveaway for non-organic fertilizer to save home health care for thousands of seniors in Washington!

Cuts to home health care will put fragile seniors and people with disabilities in greater danger of falls and illness. In addition, it will force many of our parents and grandparents to move out of their homes and into more expensive nursing homes, costing families tens of millions of dollars. Ending this unnecessary and unfair tax exemption for sales of non-organic fertilizer would prevent the 10 percent cut to in-home care legislators have proposed.

If you agree, click here to ‘Trade In’ the fertilizer tax break for in-home case for thousands of Washington seniors.

Learn more: Trade-In the Sales Tax Giveaway for Non-Organic Fertilizer and Save In-Home Care for Seniors »

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  1. Winslow P. Kelpfroth says:

    Elimination of tax breaks is a worthy goal in itself. The Policy Watch doesn’t need to resort to the cheap rhetorical trick of false choices to further this goal. I expect better.

    • Every budget choice involves trade-offs. In Washington state, public spending on tax breaks, once approved by the legislature, is rarely re-examined for public value. By contrast, public spending on health care, education, health and public infrastructure is under the microscope during every legislative session – and in particular when revenues are down as they are now. Legislators could choose to close underperforming tax breaks and preserve funding for public services – but so far they have not. The “either-or” choices demonstrated in this and other posts call attention to this fact.

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