Do you have paid sick days?

April 29, 2009 | Alex Stone

Concern over swine flu has the White House urging: “If you’re sick, stay home, get treatment, go see a doctor.” But that’s not really an option for the two-fifths of private sector employees who don’t have sick days. And even those who do can’t always afford to use them.

So – do you have access to paid sick days at your workplace? In other words, can you afford to stay home sick when you need to? And does your employer have an attendance policy that affects your decision?

Employers: do you offer paid sick days to your employees? What is your response when an employee calls in sick? Do you also have an attendance policy?

Post your answer in the comments below. (Comments are moderated.)

No need to give any more information than you want to – but feel free to include information about the nature of your work, size of your company, hours per week, etc. to give some context for your response.

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  1. Spokane Transit Authority has a no fault attendance policy of eight days in a rolling twelve month period. In the event an employee violates the attendance policy they will be given progressive discipline up to and including termination.

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