Does preschool reduce crime? Plus: state budget forecasts, economic crisis and the path to recovery

December 2, 2008 | Alex Stone

Right start might curb violence: Nanny’s kids aren’t going to be gangsters. Nan Stephens teaches preschoolers whose parents are well-educated and financially successful; some of the names you’d recognize instantly.

States Forecast Combined Two-Year Budget Deficits Exceeding $100 Billion: State governments are forecasting more than $100 billion in budget gaps over the next two fiscal years, according to a new report from an association of state governments.

Paths to Economic Recovery: Congress has punted to next year the prospects for a stimulus package with an infrastructure investment that could provide more jobs, a stronger transportation network and a better-running economy. The clock stopped on legislative action, but not on the deterioration of our infrastructure and our financial system.

Rep. Dunshee seeks key House budget post: OLYMPIA — Democratic Rep. Hans Dunshee of Snoho­mish could play a leading role in deciding what cuts will be made to balance the state budget.

Tax packages prop up governor’s budget plan: Gov. Ted Kulongoski proposed four tax-increase packages Monday as part of his 2009-11 state budget proposal, which he said would stimulate the creation of 30,000 jobs by boosting spending on transportation, university construction and health care for the poor.

Dean Baker: IOUSA: Failed Scare Flick of the Decade: Every few years there is a book or movie that stands out for its incredibly bad timing. As the Internet bubble exploded in 2000, the book Dow 36,000 quickly went from a work of inspired genius to intense derision. More recently, the 2005 book, Why the Real Estate Boom Will not Bust and How You Can Profit From It, has become one of the great jokes of the housing crash. As the country and the world attempts to recover from the wreckage caused by these bubbles, the new documentary, IOUSA, seems destined to join these two earlier classics of bad timing.

Bush sorry economic crisis has cut jobs, 401 (k)s: President George W. Bush expressed remorse that the global financial crisis has cost jobs and harmed retirement accounts and said he’ll back more government intervention if needed to ease the recession.

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