Good Reads for the Weekend

Aaron Keating, Managing Director, EOI

Aaron Keating, Managing Director, EOI

A roundup of some of my favorite recent reads from this week:

Marketing The Moon: How NASA Sold Space to Earth | Less a story of “selling” than a rigorous and unvarnished look at how NASA — which was determined to be an “open program” where facts and data would flow freely between the agency and the public — used an extensive public relations program to undertake one of the largest and most successful disseminations of science education in the twentieth century. Via

The Weight of Mountains | As the father of a fast-growing toddler, I feel like I’m somewhat in tune with the passage of time. But watching this beautiful documentary short gave me a whole new perspective on the life cycle of mountains, which are born, live and die much like any other thing on the planet. | Vimeo

How Florida trauma centers charge outrageous fees the moment you come through the door | Probably no better illustration of just how badly a “free market” (read: one with no protections for consumers) actually serves people in need of health care. | Tampa Bay Times

The G-Word: Distrust, corruption, and the Catch-22 of democracy | As succinct a summary of what ails America, and the prescription for it, as I’ve ever read: “We cannot fix our big problems — opportunity for all, climate change, wholesale upgrades for infrastructure and education — without collective action. But we do not trust our government, the vehicle for collective action. Consequently, we cannot fix our problems. … The path to restoring a modicum of trust in government—a likely prerequisite to victory on big challenges like climate change and economic inequality—leads through political reform.” | Sightline

Psssst. I found one of Seattle’s secret gardens – want to know where it is? | Some of the best places to picnic and play in Seattle on a spring day are waiting to be found. Red Tricycle features a few spots the locals will only whisper about; check out My Neighborhood Maps via Seattle Parks and Rec to find more.

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