Gregoire negogiating special session with legislative leaders. Plus: pre-k success in Miami and a ‘fair share’ income tax for WA

April 28, 2009 | Alex Stone

Working overtime: It appears Governor Gregoire will call lawmakers back to Olympia for a special legislative session – but not without conditions. Currently, negotiations are in progress with state legislative leaders to limit the length and breadth of the session. Gregoire would like to see a short session that limits the agenda only to bills ‘necessary to implement budget’ (NTIB). But other legislation that went unfinished could be revived by lawmakers should a special session be called. Expect the session to be called in early September when lawmakers are in Olympia for committee hearings. | Seattle Times

Pre-K is a proven success: A study conducted by the New America Foundation found students who attended pre-k programs are doing better in elementary school than their peers who attended child care programs. The students “showed relatively large leaps in cognitive ability and language skills” as compared to the children who spent their first year in community-based child care facilities. This study is part of a larger project that examines the impact of early childhood experiences in Miami-Dade County. | Early Ed Watch

‘Fair share’ tax: More big names are joining the call for a state income tax. Phyllis Lamphere, Seattle City Councilwoman from 1968 to 1978, supports a tax on high incomes to pay for public education improvements. Such a tax could also be coupled with a decrease in state sales or property taxes, making our state’s tax structure more equitable. Note: EOI has an iron in the fire on these very issues. | Crosscut

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