Gubernatorial politics heat up. Plus: paying taxes and the financial crisis.

September 26, 2008 | Economic Opportunity Institute

Gregoire on tax hike; Rossi on minimum wage: After a bruising campaign challenge that’s focused heavily on state spending, Gov. Chris Gregoire pledged not raise taxes while Rossi suggested a change in the minimum wage.

Paying Taxes Is Patriotic: Even though we all grumble about it, our duty as U.S. citizens includes paying taxes to support our communities and the nation.

Hitting Close to Home
: Sen. Patty Murray says the failure of Seattle-based Washington Mutual Inc. brings the reality of the nation’s financial crisis home to Washington state.

Economy’s spring rebound lost traction
: The economy’s spring rebound turned out to be slightly less energetic than the government previously thought. And, the road ahead is likely…

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