Looking Forward to Expanded Health Coverage. Plus: Working families in Oregon, losing resources for childcare, and Pre-K in NYC

September 25, 2008 | Economic Opportunity Institute

After Nov. 4: Let’s say for the sake of argument that either Obama or McCain are elected and as luck would have it Congress decides to pass whatever health care reforms they had in mind and let’s go once step further and say that it works.  Let’s say that 95% of the country has health insurance of some form or another. Then what?

Increasing the state Earned Income Credit: This tax season, Oregon will require a minimum wage worker who was employed full-time, year-round last year and supported one child to pay about $321 in state income taxes.

No Gain, Just Pain: Imagine being offered the following deal: in exchange for more overcrowded classrooms, more Oregonians without health coverage and higher college tuition, you get . . . nothing. That is not a hypothetical scenario for most Oregonians.

States Losing Ground on Child Care: Overall, the picture that ‘Pre-K Now’s annual report offered was cautiously positive–states are increasing investment in pre-k, though not as impressively in previous years, even as economic problems tighten state budgets.

NYC Funding of Pre-K: City Lights, a publication of the NYC-based Center for the Urban Future, has an excellent if disheartening profile of botched pre-k implementation in New York City. Hundreds of pre-k slots are going unfilled even as other programs have long waitlists.

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