More budget freezes ahead. Plus: balancing work and family, unemployment and school finance

January 27, 2009 | Alex Stone

Freeze bill clears committee, UW request bills introduced: This afternoon the Senate Ways and Means Committee passed out SB 5460 which would freeze a number of budget items, including hiring, travel, equipment purchases, and contracts (with limited exceptions).  Thanks to Sen. Ed Murray, who offered amendments to provide needed flexibility to the UW to manage the effects of the freezes; those amendments were not accepted in committee but discussions are ongoing.  The bill could reach the floor later this week.

Balancing Sick Children and Work Schedules: Many employers realize that children are an employee’s top priority. As a parent, taking care of your children will always be the first concern. However, what’s a parent to do in these tough economic times when taking time off for your children could adversely affect your standing with the company?  What happens if there are other emergencies outside of your immediate family that may require your attention?

State House Democrats unveil savings plan: Washington’s House Democrats have a plan for saving about $640 million in this year’s state budget. But they’re putting off more spending decisions, while they wait for an update on the state’s finances.

Cascading job losses hit 55,000 in one day: The nation’s employers, including some of its largest and most sturdy, announced plans Monday to slash more than 55,000 jobs, a staggering one-day toll that highlighted how quickly layoffs are accelerating and how widely misery is spreading throughout the labor market.

Lawmakers offer 2 bills to change school finance: At a news conference Monday in Olympia, a bipartisan group of senators and representatives presented two bills prepared by a joint task force on basic-education finance.

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