More on the projected state budget deficit. Plus: health care policy, the extension of unemployment benefits and impending layoffs

November 21, 2008 | Alex Stone

State deficit hits colleges: The University of Washington could ask lawmakers to remove a cap on tuition increases and community colleges may be forced to lay off faculty and turn students away because of anticipated funding cuts as high as 20 percent.

Cultural differences inhibit good health care policy: Now that the dust has settled on the 2008 campaign, reality is beginning to dawn on the governor, legislators and state officials. The job they spent so much energy to earn will bring some of the toughest challenges Olympia has seen in decades. If those folks thought campaigning was difficult, another task at least as daunting awaits: reforming our health care system.

Bush signs bill providing extra jobless benefits: The White House says President Bush signed into law a bill that Congress approved to keep unemployment checks flowing to jobless Americans through the holiday season.

Layoffs may be unavoidable with $5.1 billion state-budget deficit: The deeply troubled economy is sapping Washington’s tax collections again, saddling newly re-elected Gov. Chris Gregoire — who pledged not to raise taxes — with a $5.1 billion budget hole.

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