More on the state budget crisis. Plus: health care, unemployment and funding education

December 12, 2008 | Alex Stone

UW head has picked good path: Mark Emmert, president of the University of Washington, knows that deep budget cuts are coming. After all, the state has a $5 billion budget deficit and a proportion of the cuts are going to come out of the higher-education budget.

State budget hits keep on coming: Tax revenues are down another $36 million.

Dean Baker: If G.M. Was a Canadian Company It Wouldn’t Be Asking for Help: The Detroit automakers have made many mistaken business decisions that have been important factors contributing to their current crisis. However, they are not responsible for some of the factors that have brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.

Unemployed in America: The unemployment figures were so bad Friday—half a million U.S. jobs lost in one month—some in the corporate media actually sounded a bit alarmed. Still, the overriding impulse of mainstream journalists is to look on the bright side.

K-12 panel chief urges tax hike: The chairman of a legislative task force exploring how to improve the way the state pays for K-12 education says a tax increase is the responsible way to pay for the roughly $3 billion worth of ideas in the group’s final report.

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