No summer break for many Americans. Plus: Pension plans improve 401(k) retirement savings, and a primer on health care reform

August 11, 2009 | Aaron Keating

Summertime summit in Seattle to dissect Americans’ lack of vacation time: Ever since the middle class began taking vacations in the mid-19th century, Americans have wrestled with questions of how much vacation is enough and how to leave work completely behind. Those and other issues will be the subject of a “National Vacation Matters Summit” at Seattle University this week. More: The Seattle Times

Pension plans improve 401(k) retirement savings: According to the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances, workers with both a 401(k) and a traditional pension actually save more in their 401(k)s than workers with only a 401(k) or similar retirement plan. In 2007, the median balance in a 401(k) or similar retirement plan for families with a pension and a 401(k) was $56,000, while the median balance was $25,000 for families with only a 401(k)-type plan. More: U.S. News

A Primer on the Details of Health Care Reform: Want a succinct look at the shape of health care reform legislation under consideration in Congress, and the changing nature of supporters’ and critics’ arguments about it? Look no further than the New York Times.

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