The economics of sitter-swapping. Plus: Back to basics for Boeing?; 2009 legislative review; Health insurance gender bias; Paid sick days for flu

September 14, 2009 | Aaron Keating

The economics of sitter-swapping: As parents face reduced work hours, lower wages, layoffs and uncertainties stemming from the recession, a growing number of families are turning to baby-sitting swaps to reduce what they pay local teenagers and college students to look after their children. Spokesman-Review

Stan Sorscher: Time for Boeing to get back to the basics of experience and performance: Early this year, Boeing announced it was considering the option of opening a second 787 production line outside Washington state. The logic is the subject of intense public discussion. From the employees’ perspective, splitting production between two regions would compound problems in a program that was deeply flawed from the beginning. Seattle Times

Rich Nafziger: The definitive questions of the 2009 legislative session: Legislative leaders started meeting with stakeholders as early as November and did a half dozen polls between January and mid-April. What was fascinating was the results, spread over that time period, with three different pollsters yielded consistent but indeterminate results. No matter what the tax was and what it funded, a solid 45% was against it. And no matter what the tax was and what it was used to fund, 49% to 54% of the public supported it. Nafzblog

Elizabeth Cox: Since when is gender is a pre-existing condition?: Gender rating is a practice where insurance companies charge women more than men for individual health insurance policies even if these women and men are the same age and in the same risk category. It is no coincidence that these higher premiums correspond with a woman’s child-bearing years. MomsRising

Karen Keiser: Pandemic Flu creates dangerous predicament: I am growing increasingly concerned about the thousands of working adults and their families in our state who have no health insurance and have no paid sick leave. Workers in many service jobs, farmworkers, or workers at restaurants, hotels and retail stores may become the front line victims of the big holes in our safety net. Seattle Views (Seattle P-I)

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  1. Janet says:

    Actually, Washington is one of ten states that explicitly prohibits gender rating.

    • Good point Janet, thank you for clarifying. I should have noted that the practice of gender rating is currently prohibited in 10 states and tightly regulated in two others. House Resolution 2635, sponsored by Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA) would prohibit gender rating in the group and individual markets for health insurance coverage nationwide.

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