The state of Washington’s economy. Plus: the middle class, families in Washington, and how to fix the economy

November 18, 2008 | Alex Stone

Jobless rate a Washington economic indicator: The latest unemployment figures for Washington are due out Tuesday, and the quarterly revenue outlook will be issued Wednesday.

The Formerly Middle Class: At the beginning of every recession, there are people who see the downturn as an occasion for moral revival: Americans will learn to live without material extravagances. They’ll simplify their lives. They’ll rediscover what really matters: home, friends and family.

Getting inside Obama’s ‘brain’: An interview with Karen Kornbluh, one of President-elect Obama’s most influential advisors.

Average family “pretty solid”: Families in Washington state are not feeling the pinch like their peers in other parts of the country. David Wallace, a labor economist for the state says, “We don’t build cars. We have high-tech, aerospace, agriculture and global trade. Income produced from those jobs filters into the rest of the local economy. That doesn’t mean we’ll escape a recession, but we’re going to survive it better than the country as a whole.”

Crisis batters UW investments: University of Washington regents will find out this week just how hard the nation’s ailing economy has hit the UW — and if a preliminary report is any indication, it appears to have hit like a $400 million sledgehammer.

To fix the economy, you need to spend, yet save: We are concerned, and frankly a little perplexed, at the repeated assertions by you, the American consumer, business owner and taxpayer, that we are sending mixed and often conflicting messages about how we want you to behave in order to stop the recession and get the economy moving again.

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