Time to redefine basic education? Plus: funding for schools lost and budget woes

February 12, 2009 | Alex Stone

Mary Jean Ryan: Washington must redefine “basic education”: Time to redefine “basic education” for K-12 funding so Washington can pull itself out of the race to the education cellar, argues Mary Jean Ryan, chair of the Washington state Board of Education. Though times are tough, she says, the changes proposed in two bills will redefine basic education and give all students a better chance to achieve and improve performance.

Derrick Z. Jackson: Shovel-ready stimulus buries schools: Shovel this, kids. Last weekend, Senate Democrats, in trying to get a filibuster-proof number of Republicans on board with the stimulus bill, allowed tens of billions of dollars to be slashed from education. It made you forget who won the election.

Economic stimulus package on track for final votes: Economic stimulus legislation at the heart of President Barack Obama’s recovery plan is on track for final votes Friday in the House and Senate after a dizzying final round of bargaining that yielded agreement on tax cuts and spending totaling $789 billion.

Gregoire: Combine small schools, overhaul biz tax: Gov. Chris Gregoire pushed for more overhauls of state government today, asking business leaders for a plan to reform Washington’s main business tax and calling for consolidation of small public schools. It was Gregoire’s second public push this week for considerable government reform as the state grapples with a budget deficit that will likely top $6 billion through 2011.

Gregoire says lawmakers dragging feet on budget cuts: Gov. Chris Gregoire expressed more impatience with state lawmakers Wednesday, saying it appears they are waiting for federal stimulus dollars and not enacting cuts to state spending as quickly as needed in the face of a growing, $6 billion shortfall.

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