Time to talk taxes? Plus: a tax proposal, public health, the estate tax, and the disappearing safety net

April 13, 2009 | Alex Stone

Time for state to discuss taxes despite difficulties: State revenue has to come from somewhere. A proposal to create an income tax and another to increase the sales tax are just two ways to pay for services such as education. | Seattle Times

Activists push for vote on tax plan: A coalition including the Washington State Hospital Association, nursing groups, the Service Employees International Union and others is doing polling Monday through Wednesday, hoping to get results by week’s end — when lawmakers start figuring out their tax-and-spending plan before adjourning April 26. | The Olympian

Opinion: Preserve public health infrastructure: Public health care is important infrastructure to a successful society, argues Laura Hitchcock, executive director of the Washington Public Health Association. In this difficult state economy, the Washington state Senate’s budget, while it has some cuts for public health, does not endanger the underpinnings of this important community asset. | Seattle Times

Fate of Estate Tax Imperils Obama’s Ambitions: The death tax is the issue that simply will not die. Fifteen years after Republican strategists put Democrats on the defensive by sticking that pejorative label on the federal estate tax, Democrats are still struggling with how to handle the levy on assets left behind — the one that conservatives portray as the Internal Revenue Service reaching beyond the grave. | New York Times

States Slashing Social Programs for Vulnerable: Battered by the recession and the deepest and most widespread budget deficits in several decades, a large majority of states are slicing into their social safety nets — often crippling preventive efforts that officials say would save money over time. | New York Times

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