Washington Policy Review | 09.15.2010

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John Burbank: Deficit gives economy the juice it needs

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What’s all this talk about the deficit? Dino Rossi says “Congress is putting our economic future in jeopardy by continuing to spend money they don’t have,” and that “it’s very clear we’re on a fiscal edge.” We are on a fiscal edge, all right – one created by Wall Street.

Initiative 1098 Q&A: What about the sale of a home or business?

We’ve had a number of readers send us questions about Initiative 1098 in response to the tax calculator we’ve created. Brian R., who works locally in real estate, asks:

“Would there be an exemption for capital gains income, such as someone selling their home or small business?”

Why Initiative 1098 is right for Washington

Newspapers, blogs, TV, and radio ads are full of pronouncements and predictions about Initiative 1098. But what’s been missing — until now — is an in-depth, fact-based examination of the measure.

Chart of the week: How will I-1098 help limit the impact of the Great Recession on Washington?

Since the Great Recession began in 2008, more than $5 billion has been cut from Washington’s budget — and current forecasts show another $3 billion shortfall in tax receipts. The cuts have been particularly devastating to public education and health. But what do the numbers really mean?

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