What is income inequality like in your community? Find out here

Click to find out what income inequality is like in your community

ProPublica has a good rundown on a much-discussed study by the Congressional Budget Office showing that over the past three decades the income of the highest-paid Americans has soared while the income of others has grown much more modestly.

Now they’ve taken it to the next level with an online app which allows you to compare income inequality among 818 of the largest counties in America.

The app uses the Gini index, a statistical measure that ranges from zero (a community in which every citizen has precisely the same income) to one (the opposite extreme, in which one person receives literally all of the income).

Check out your county’s income inequality here. You can also access the raw data for yourself through the 2010 Census’ American Community Survey.

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  1. anthony says:

    As far as income inequality in Canada is concerned a lot of interesting information in this particular area is revealed in the currently released Toronto’s Vital Signs Report according to which income inequality is one of the main weaknesses of this city. According to the report certain Canadian employers are not at all sympathetic toward immigrants and young workers and that’s why unemployment rates run too high among these groups. It clearly highlights the most daunting problems not only in this area but also in many others and the city as well as the whole country will have to deal with them in the years to come.

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