Work-life benefits suffer amid recession. Plus: physicians support health care reform, fixing Washington’s tax structure, and gender vs. unemployment

April 7, 2009 | Alex Stone

Work-life benefits fall victim to slow economy: Arrangements such as telecommuting, ‘flex time’ and paid leave that allow employees to balance the demands of work and family life are slipping away, worker advocates say. | Los Angeles Times

U.S. Physicians’ Views on Financing Options to Expand Health Insurance Coverage: A National Survey : The vast majority of physicians surveyed supported a change in the health care financing system. While a plurality support the use of financial incentives, a substantial proportion support single payer national health insurance. These findings challenge the perception that fundamental restructuring of the U.S. health care financing system receives little acceptance by physicians. | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Sin taxes might be used to pay for $3 billion loan to fix schools: That’s what state Rep. Hans Dunshee, D-Snohomish, said today at a noon-hour news conference to elaborate on his proposal to borrow $3 billion and use the money to fix up public schools, colleges and make many of them, plus state agency buildings, more energy efficient. Oh yeah. And it would create 90,000 jobs for a year, or more likely 45,000 a year in 2010 and another 45,000 in 2011. | The News Tribune

Credit would make taxes more fair: Although it’s being pointed to as a leveler for Washington’s bottom-heavy tax system, a tax credit system backed by Democrats wouldn’t be available to the public until 2011. | The Olympian

Lisa Brown: Who is going to stand up for Washington’s middle class?: My willingness to consider a high-earners income tax has gotten a great deal of attention on the blogs and in the press lately. I want to respond to some of the information circulating, and to some of the comments my office has received. | Lisa Brown’s Blog

Unemployment: A New Boys Club?: The LA Times is calling it the “he-cession.” The stark facts show that the economic crisis is hitting men particularly hard: The official male unemployment rate just spiked to 8.8 percent, while the figure for women is on a slower rise, now at 7 percent. So we can add to the old-fashioned gender gap in wages (favoring men, who make one dollar to a woman’s 80 cents for the same job), a new gender gap in unemployment, favoring women. | The Nation

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