If We Really Wanted to Celebrate Mothers, We’d Have Policies That Better Supported Them

A Fair Deal at Work Column Equal Pay

Marilyn Watkins | May 13, 2018

The sentimental gloss of Mother’s Day ads only shows the joys and comforts of being a mom, ignoring how tough it often is. The anxieties of sleepless nights, health crises, and potential dangers as our children explore the world may be in part unavoidable, but public policy and cultural norms sure make being

NAFTA should work for everyone – not just investors


Economic Opportunity Institute | April 3, 2018

In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump all recognized that workers and communities have lost trust in the NAFTA approach to globalization. They all said we should manage globalization differently. Over the last few months, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. have had seven meetings to

Legislators Respond to Women’s Activism

A Fair Deal at Work Column Equal Pay

Marilyn Watkins | March 14, 2018

Washington’s 2018 legislature passed a number of measures that will protect women’s health and promote economic opportunity. Most of these bills have been bandied around for several years, but the political climate of 2018 highlighted their urgency and created the momentum to finally pass them. Each of the bi

Immigrants Play a Vital Role in Securing our Social Security System’s Future

A Fair Deal at Work An Inclusive Economy Column Retirement Security Social Security

Economic Opportunity Institute | January 31, 2018

by Nancy Altman, president of Social Security Works and EOI board member Donald Trump and his administration are holding millions of young Americans hostage. In return for ending the deportation of Dreamers who were brought to this country as children and have lived here most of their lives, Trump is demandin

Beginning this year, new paid sick and safe leave law goes into effect

A Fair Deal at Work Column Paid Sick Days

| Marilyn Watkins | January 10, 2018 | Real Change

Why Physicists Don’t Rule the World

Column EOI

Economic Opportunity Institute | December 28, 2017

I was a physicist for 30 years. My brain still works that way. In a post-factual world, scientists are at a distinct disadvantage. That may explain why very few physicists hold positions of authority. A few years ago, I had a moment of insight in Los Angeles, after watching eight powerful videos at a labor co

Time to focus on retirement options

A Fair Deal at Work Column Retirement Security Retirement Security Accounts Social Security

| John Burbank | December 13, 2017 | Sequim Gazette

Want to Fight Sexual Harassment and Discrimination? Unionize.

A Fair Deal at Work Column Equal Pay Paid Family and Medical Leave

| Marilyn Watkins | November 22, 2017 | Seattle Weekly

Want to Fight Sexual Harassment and Discrimination? Unionize.

A Fair Deal at Work Column Equal Pay

Marilyn Watkins | November 22, 2017

by Sara Ainsworth and Marilyn Watkins Sara Ainsworth is advocacy director of Legal Voice, a progressive feminist organization using the power of the law to make positive change for women and girls in the Northwest. Marilyn Watkins is policy director of the Economic Opportunity Institute, a nonpartisan policy

Sexual Assault and Lower Pay: Two Tools to Keep Women in Their Place

A Fair Deal at Work Column Equal Pay

Marilyn Watkins | October 20, 2017

My first response to the sea of “me toos” on Facebook over the past few days was to wonder how anyone out there could possibly not already know that women and teenage girls are routinely subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault in our culture. But maybe too many of us have silently accepted it for to

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