EOI’s 2018 Policy Priorities


Fact Sheet | January 1, 2018

Our mission: build an economy that works for everyone by advancing public policies that promote educational opportunity, good jobs, healthy families & workplaces, and a dignified retirement for all. Legislative and Legal Action Health Care: Identify and develop state-based solutions to maintain and expand

Why Physicists Don’t Rule the World

Column EOI

Economic Opportunity Institute | December 28, 2017

I was a physicist for 30 years. My brain still works that way. In a post-factual world, scientists are at a distinct disadvantage. That may explain why very few physicists hold positions of authority. A few years ago, I had a moment of insight in Los Angeles, after watching eight powerful videos at a labor co

Anu Partanen: The Nordic Theory of Everything


Economic Opportunity Institute | November 1, 2017

Survey after survey has shown that Nordic countries offer their citizens a higher quality of life than what Americans today are generally able to enjoy. Finnish journalist Anu Partanen joins us to discuss some surprising lessons the United States could learn from the successes of Nordic countries on education

Thank you for making Seeds of Change a success!


Sam Hatzenbeler | October 13, 2017

To all who attended, thank you so much for supporting Seeds of Change, EOI’s annual dinner! Over four hundred of us packed the room last night to plant seeds for equity. WOW! You are helping us make progressive change that will be felt for generations to come. Special thanks to our brilliant emcee, Makini How

EOI Receives Satterberg Grant for Progressive Policy Work


Sam Hatzenbeler | August 3, 2017

The Economic Opportunity Institute has received a $300,000 grant from the Satterberg Foundation, which will be distributed as three annual $100,000 disbursements for general operating funds. The grant comes at a critical time – EOI has made significant progress on multiple policy fronts in spite of a national

Meet Our New Intern – Louis Lin


Economic Opportunity Institute | July 27, 2017

This summer, we’re joined by Louis Lin, a new graduate of UCLA. Here’s why he came to EOI: As an undergraduate, I studied economics and international development, but consistently found that the most interesting and important classes for me were in departments outside of my majors. It started with a seminar m

Tax Justice Victory Party


Economic Opportunity Institute | July 21, 2017

Just six months after the Trump-Proof Seattle Coalition began our campaign for tax justice, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved a 2.25% tax on income in excess of $250,000 ($500K for joint filers), to protect against Trump budget cuts and fund vital public services. Our grassroots campaign has made

Forum with Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works


Economic Opportunity Institute | July 11, 2017

Nancy Altman — the D.C.-based President of Social Security Works and one of the foremost experts on Social Security in the U.S. — will share the challenges to Social Security and Medicare we face under the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress. She will also discuss strategies and tact

Seeds of Change: EOI’s 2017 Annual Dinner


Sam Hatzenbeler | June 21, 2017

Join friends and supporters of the Economic Opportunity Institute in support of our mission to build an economy that works – for everyone. For nearly two decades, EOI has planted seeds and tended the growth of public policies to promote educational opportunity, good jobs, healthy families and workplaces, and

Giving does something to you as a person


Sam Hatzenbeler | June 14, 2017

The Economic Opportunity Institute recently received the largest gift in our organization’s history – an endowment gift from Seattle philanthropist Floyd Jones. Floyd, who will turn 90 years old this fall, grew up the eleventh of twelve children in a poor sharecropping family in Arkansas. His financial succes

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