Dear Seattle: Having a Rich Neighbor Won’t Make You Rich

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

Matthew Streib | September 29, 2017

Cheerleaders of “prosperity” have treated the economic boom in Seattle like sports fans. When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014, crowds filled the streets chanting, “We did it!” While the people in the street didn’t literally touch the ball or score a touchdown, they felt like they had accomplished some

Let Amazon Hike Up Rents Somewhere Else

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

John Burbank | September 8, 2017

Amazon is planning to open a second headquarters (in Amazon speak, HQ2), in another city – not in Seattle. I worry for the city that next falls victim to Amazon, but this is a good thing for Seattle. We as a city are struggling to catch up to Amazon’s expansion and the influx of many other high tech companies

Did the City Attorney’s Office Discourage the Income Tax It Now Has to Defend?

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

| September 1, 2017 | Seattle Weekly

Seattle Is a City With Hella Broke People

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

| August 31, 2017 | The Stranger

A city of riches? EOI analysis shows most Seattle filers make less than 50K

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

Economic Opportunity Institute | August 30, 2017

Via the Seattle Times: For all Seattle’s newfound affluence, there are still a whole lot of folks living paycheck to paycheck. That’s no surprise, of course — but here’s some new data that bring this economic reality into sharp focus. Of the roughly 419,000 tax returns filed in 2014 by city residents, 214,000

A city of riches? Most Seattle filers make less than $50K, IRS data show

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

| August 30, 2017 | Seattle Times

State of Washington Budget

Tax and Budget

| August 29, 2017

Explore the State of Washington’s budget and learn how public resources are being spent. Budget data is updated when new budgets are passed/enacted by the state legislature.

Instead of Funding Boeing Layoffs, Let’s Fund Higher Education

Education Higher Education Tax Reform Tax and Budget

John Burbank | August 24, 2017

Our state leaders have said they understand the importance of higher education for Washington’s citizens, yet disinvest in public education at the same time. When the state decreases funding for schools, tuition rises, making higher education increasingly out of reach for many, unless they take out gargantuan

Seattle to pay up to $250,000 for legal help in defending new city income tax

Tax Reform Tax and Budget

| August 24, 2017 | Seattle Times

Burbank: Ryan’s tax-break offer will get a warm Boeing welcome

Column Tax Reform Tax and Budget

| John Burbank | August 23, 2017 | Everett Herald

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