The State of Working Washington

Monthly Unemployment Rate

Washington’s unemployment rate has declined steadily since 2016, and now matches the pre-Great Recession low of 4.7%. It’s been a long road to recovery — and official unemployment numbers do not include the many discouraged people who are no longer

Average Employment

Washington’s average employment numbers have rebounded since the Great Recession. During the previous recession (in the early 2000’s), the state lost 52,000 jobs before employment began improve. During the Great Recession, Washington’s industries she

WA Minimum Wage vs. Cost of Living

Did you know that 417,000 people in Washington work at or near Washington’s minimum wage (earning less than $12/hour), or that more of Washington’s lowest-wage workers are over age 55 than under age 20? Initiative 1433, passed by Washington voters in


Washington’s overall poverty rate increased in the wake of the Great Recession and remained persiste

Tuition at WA State Public Colleges and Universities

State budget cuts have driven up the price of college — even as total costs have declined. During t

State of Washington Budget

Explore the State of Washington’s budget and learn how public resources are being spent. Budget data