WA Minimum Wage vs. Cost of Living

Did you know that more of the lowest-wage workers are over age 55 than under 20? Or that 417,000 people in Washington work at or near Washington’s minimum wage (earning less than $12/hour)? Initiative 1433, passed by Washington voters in 2016, increased Washington’s minimum wage to $11.50 per hour on January 1st, 2018.

While that will help some people’s paychecks keep up with the cost of living — particularly those without younger children, and those living in less urban areas — it’s still far short of what many need to make ends meet. In the map below, select a family size via the drop-down menu, then click on a county to see how Washington’s minimum wage stacks up versus a basic self-sufficiency budget for that family.

Updated 01/05/2018

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